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Hyris' Partners

Hyris System™ allows a wide range of operators and researchers to develop their own assays and kits.

About Us

Hyris is a tech-bio company committed to democratise genetics and health insights.

Our latest

  • Hyris technology supports the fight against one of the world’s deadliest diseases, malaria.

    Climate change and global warming greatly boost viral outbreaks, as confirmed in a scientific study, highlighting the need for better pandemic readiness and disease surveillance.

  • Hyris fulfils its integration into Ulisse Biomed to give birth to a new international group ready to make its mark in the global biotech market.

    A new international biotech group was born from the integration of Hyris Ltd, renowned worldwide for its disruptive genetic testing platform, and Ulisse Biomed S.p.A., also known as UBM Group or “UBM” only, a leading Italian-based publicly traded biotech company appreciated for its innovative testing platforms.

  • Distribution agreement renewal with Biomol Laboratories, fostering the partnership in the field of personalised medicine

    Hyris has renewed its distribution agreement for the products of Biomol Laboratories, an innovative company in the field of medical biotechnology, specialized in the design and production of in vitro medical devices in the analytical lines of Genetics, Pharmacogenetics and Oncohematology.

  • Hyris' signed a binding agreement for a reverse take-over, leading to a new integrated entity with Ulisse Biomed

    Monday December 4th marked a very important milestone for Hyris' journey.
    We indeed signed with Ulisse Biomed a binding agreement for a reverse take-over.