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29 September, 2023

Hyris' new onboarding programs support researchers and developers to launch testing kits.

Hyris keeps true to its vision, to democratize genetics and health insights, marking a new stage in its partnership policies with newfangled onboarding programs specifically designed to further support researchers and kit developers at every stage.

Amongst many challenges, technological access gaps are still the greatest hindrance in the development of new solutions across different industries.

Hyris stands to change this for the better, by leveraging the AI capabilities of its unique genetic testing platform, renown worldwide for its AI capabilities together with its unique features of portability, accessibility and versatility.

“Researchers and kit developers know well how hard delivering new analytical solutions can be”, states Angelica Baccanelli, Head of Quality & Regulation at Hyris. “That’s why we increased our commitment to support both emerging players and established manufacturers performing beyond their current analytical capability via our new onboarding programs. This win-win approach enables any player to quickly integrate their portfolio with new products and solutions, maximizing their cost per value strategy.”

Hyris's Onboarding strategy is proving successful across many industries. Such is the case of Luminis, Water Technologies, a leader in microbiome profiling and treatment solutions, which embraced Hyris’ Program to bring on-site qPCR diagnostics to the aquaculture industry, enabling customers to quickly and accurately test for pathogens, viruses, and bacteria, ultimately improving their operations' overall safety and productivity in such industry. Luminis adopted the Hyris system to develop new qPCR diagnostics kits, enabling its customers to perform genetic analysis on-site rather than sending samples to a lab, significantly reducing turnaround time and allowing for more informed decision-making. Additionally, on-site testing eliminates the need for expensive lab equipment, and operators can now perform testing with minimal training.

“The benefits of on-site qPCR diagnostics are numerous”, explains Lorenzo Colombo, CTO at Hyris, “ensuring faster turnaround time and reduced costs, compared to centralized diagnostic systems. The downsides of such an approach, on the other hand, have been the lack of accuracy and the complexity of on-site technologies, making this approach less suitable for day-to-day operations until now. We fixed all these problems, providing highly accurate results whilst requiring minimal training to operate. Hyris can really be used in any setting, even under the harshest conditions.”

Hyris’ distributed technology allows to identify new and arising needs, even from decentralized areas: this, in turn, enables the design and deployment of fitting solutions at a very early stage of any diagnostic trend, throughout various diverse use cases.

“Too often, centralized diagnostic paradigms risk to overlook local needs, preventing benefits to be shared equitably” sums up Stefano Lo Priore, co-Founder and CEO at Hyris. “This also poses an ethical question, as innovations often fail to benefit those who need them most. Reliable portable diagnostic systems are key to building new capabilities for established and emerging diagnostic service providers. By helping others to deliver their solutions, we also fulfil our mission, generating a much wider impact worldwide.”

The new Onboarding Programs are contributing to making Hyris the first choice for testing labs, test developers, and researchers looking to bring on specific tests involving smaller sample arrays, reduced time to results, and increased efficiencies and profitability. Kit developers and lab specialists can now truly collaborate, tapping into different levels of data analysis in real-time to bring innovative tests with superior quality and increased fitness to market; dressing on the cake, all the more quickly and efficiently.

Contact a Hyris expert to discover how to perform beyond your current diagnostic capability at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Hyris' new onboarding programs support researchers and developers to launch testing kits.

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