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Hyris provides a proprietary integrated platform which allows to operate the Hyris System™.

HYRIS bAPP™ and HYRIS bDATA™ features are seamlessly integrated. Users benefit from both with same login and interface.


Web-based software with proprietary AI-modules.

Does all the job of a molecular biologist, easily launching analysis, obtaining results with automatic data interpretation, easy to read, thanks proprietary AI-modules.


Cloud platform to store and aggregate data, enabling access to analytics and insights.

Leveraging data are aggregated in an intuitive, powerful database, allowing you to find trends and enabling AI and data analyses for all stakeholders at anytime.



    Software interface to manage and instruct Hyris System™ operations


    Hyris cloud service which collects and make available all the data coming from Hyris System™


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    What are the compatible operating systems and devices?

    Our HYRIS bAPP™ is compatible with MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux and Windows operating system. It doesn’t need installation, the only requirement is to have installed on your device one compatible web browser (suggested browsers: Chrome / Safari). It can be used with Desktop PCs/Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.

    Do I need to stay connected and nearby HYRIS bCUBE™ for the entire analysis?

    No, you don’t. As soon as the analysis is started, HYRIS bCUBE™ is able to carry it to completion entirely without the need of any interaction from you. If you like, you can even go for a coffee and check your experiment in real-time remotely from your Smartphone, thanks to HYRIS bDATA™ service. You can also turn it off from home after the experiment is completed.

    What are the advantages of controlling HYRIS bCUBE™ through HYRIS bAPP™?

    With HYRIS bAPP™, genetic detection becomes remarkably easy. Your analyses can be entirely portable: just bring the small HYRIS bCUBE™ and a smartphone to set up in your laboratory or in the field. You can take pictures, record GPS coordinates, and link them to each sample you’re analyzing, while obtaining results within just a few minutes. Our results interpretation engine will assist you in determining the outcome of the test, without the need to be an expert in genetic detection.

    How can I share my results?

    HYRIS bCUBE™ automatically syncs all its experiments in real-time with HYRIS bDATA™ service. This data can be seen by all the users you’ve given the permission to. A PDF report of each analysis can be automatically generated for easier sharing through email or other means. Also XLS and CSV formats are available, with APIs integration options as well.

    What is HYRIS bDATA™?

    HYRIS bDATA™ is the Hyris cloud service which collects all the data coming from all HYRIS bCUBEs™ deployed in the world. Thanks to HYRIS bDATA™, all of your experiments performed using HYRIS bAPP™ will always be available, and you’ll be able to analyze your data in aggregate form using our ever expanding manu of statistical representations. HYRIS bDATA™ enables also the remote control and monitoring of all your machines at the same time.