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Hyris bGATE™

HYRIS bGATE™ is a gateway device that allows laboratories and Hyris System™ users to integrate data and results generated from third-party instruments into HYRIS bDATA™, benefitting from its unique and distruptive features.
  • Seamless integration with third-party RT-PCR instruments
  • Automatic interpretation of complex analyses results
  • Immediate results integration accessible from HYRIS bAPP™
  • Lab operators are partnered by HYRIS bAPP™ unique features
  • All data from HYRIS bCUBE™ and third-party instruments are stored and managed in one place
  • Different options for LIS integration
  • Easy setup
  • Connected via ethernet or Wi-Fi to Hyris cloud platform
  • Managed by HYRIS bAPP™, integrated with HYRIS bDATA™
  • Remote support with Hyris Technical team


Which instruments can be connected to HYRIS bGATE™?

HYRIS bGATE™ can integrate with many RT-PCR platforms and instruments. Contact us to know if your instrument is already in the list of compatible devices.

Where can I manage data and results coming from HYRIS bGATE™?
You can access all data and results from your HYRIS bAPP™ account. There, you will find together, in one place, all the data coming also from your HYRIS bCUBE™.

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