Hyris offers an integrated platform for decentralized nucleic acid testing.


The Hyris platform offers the disruptive capability to perform genetic analysis of biological samples in any kind of setting. It incorporates all the needed hardware, software and reagents and can be used as a fully portable testing laboratory providing highly accurate results at a fraction of the cost and time associated with traditional methods. The elements of the platform can be deployed throughout supply chains and manufacturing operations to generate actionable, highly relevant data for just in time supply chain management, production control and quality control.


bCUBE 2.0

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bCUBE 2.0 is a miniaturized, state-of-the-art device for the analysis of nucleic acids. It allows users to run both temperature cycles and isothermal analysis, enabling a wide array of DNA and RNA detection methods such as qPCR, isothermal amplifications etc.

The bCUBE2.0 is certified to both European and North American standards and features ultra compact instrument design, superior analytical performance tested by global top players and direct connectivity to the proprietary Hyris bAPP cloud based portal. Hyris provides customized cartridges that can be used to analyse 16/32 samples of 10 to 25ul in one run, with additional formats available in the future.

bCUBE2.0 can be purchased as a standalone instrument or as part of a package that may include products and services intended to deliver full turn-key genetic testing capabilities, in certain cases customised to the testing needs of specific industries.


    bAPP is available for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux users.

    Your bCUBE 2.0 can be controlled by the Hyris bAPP, a multiplatform GUI that works on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs using any of the major operating systems.

    You can subscribe to bAPP using directly the link provided on hyris.net/login, and it will allow you to:

    • manage one or multiple bCUBEs forming your company's 'swarm'
    • directly access any bCUBE in your network, whether in your lab or across continents (direct access allows control and monitoring of instruments anywhere in the world)
    • manage and configure access privileges in your network
    • use your bCUBEs in Research Mode or Diagnostic Mode by downloading third party certified Global Recipies
    • you can design and perform analysis and tests using both Real Time PCR and isothermal protocols
    • use the data for internal QA, or to generate and receive in real time third party Certificates
    • aggregate and perform in depth statistical, process and quality controls on the sum total of the generated analysis database (it includes automatic timestamps and geolocalization of all your samples).


      To inquire about validation data and product lead times, please

      You will find additional resources in the Downloads section of our website.

      bKITs are reagent sets used to analyze a specific genetic sequence. They can be used e.g. for the detection of a pathogen in a biological sample, the correct identification of the nature of the sample and a large number of other purposes. Hyris both develops bKITs in its own R&D center, or adopts third party reagents after a stringent qualification process, thus greatly increasing the number of potential applications easily ported unto the platform. Please see our attached Product Catalog for a comprehensive list of available bKITs, and be sure to check regularly as the list is frequently updated.

      Hyris welcomes inquiries regarding customised projects, i.e. will evaluate requests to develop specific reagents (bKITs) for applications not yet present in our Catalog. We carry out joint R&D activities with interested parties, both for new projects or e.g. to test the performance of soon to be released specific bKITs.


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